10/May/2021 Release Notes

Please see the following bug fixes and product updates for the latest release of the Android and iOS apps.

Android (2021.5.3.0)

Product Update:

  • Changes to the Daily Goal progress bar, which was hard to distinguish in dark mode

No iOS release last week.

Please note: new app versions are rolled out to our whole userbase gradually, so it might take a few days for this update to be in your hands. Please ensure you activate automatic updates on Google Play Store/App Store to always be on the latest version. You can check your app version in your settings.

Memrise team


Again? Didn’t you fix it a while back?

I remember Olaf told you about the progress bar, after a week or two it was OK.

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@Hombre_sin_nombre Ah, this was for the Daily Goal progress bar (I’ve now updated the post!). You are right that the progress bar within the lessons was updated prior :slightly_smiling_face: