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Important announcement about Decks

Hi everyone, I’m here today with important news. As you know, some time ago we decided to split community-created courses from Memrise and give them a different home, Decks. We thought that this split would best serve t…

52 February 17, 2020
Word Folders for Mobile App? 3 February 17, 2020
Punch a dolphin in the face 2 February 16, 2020
Hi! Learning Portuguese, hope to connect! 2 February 16, 2020
Hello! Let's introduce ourselves :)

Hi! I'm Emily. I just thought I'd make a post to introduce myself and meet other 'memrisers' I guess. :grin: I got started learning French on Duolingo. I've been on there for over two year now, and it was there that I …

134 February 16, 2020
Multiplayer? 5 February 15, 2020
Adding audio now doesn't show file or upload button, just "record" 7 February 14, 2020
Why is the Speed Review much harder on the website? 26 February 14, 2020
Q and A for New Members 1 February 14, 2020
Web improvements 4 February 14, 2020
[Site Feedback] Memrise & Decks Improvements Suggestions (Users) 68 February 14, 2020
I want to welcome everyone 5 February 14, 2020
Is there method behind "Next Up" 6 February 14, 2020
Concepts? 2 February 13, 2020
Ask Memrise 7 February 8, 2020
How do I contact Memrise for billing complaint? 8 February 11, 2020
Hello hello 4 February 10, 2020
Anyone interested in Learning Korean together 3 February 10, 2020
Hello everybody! 6 February 10, 2020
Feature Request- Font Size in App is too small for kanji 8 February 5, 2020
Points/Ranks (amusing) 1 February 5, 2020
Italian to English part 1:7 he/she you I 4 February 4, 2020
Discount, Decks, iOS app, non-Memrise courses 17 February 4, 2020
Finding Native (or just fellow learners) to chat regularly with! 13 February 3, 2020
Offline Improvements 5 February 1, 2020
Feedback on Patch Notes 16 January 31, 2020
Feature Request: editing existing course made by other people just for us OR manually set progress of a course 1 January 31, 2020
Posting Guidelines and Forum Housekeeping -- a How To for Memrise staff, regulars, leaders, and members

##Topic starters: You can start any topic you like, but please follow these guidelines when starting a topic about a course you created or are a contributor to, or when you want to leave feedback about the site, apps, o…

8 February 3, 2020
Greek native speakers available on Pro? 1 January 31, 2020
Classic review all words 1 January 31, 2020