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Attention Memrise Staff: When a student logs in with Google, they get my account (7)
Can't upload images to mems (16)
Word count bug? (course total word count) (5)
Recording audio on chrome not working ( 2 3 4 ) (67)
Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry (5)
Word count went down by 400 (6)
Review not working (8)
Word Count went down - and again down ( 2 ) (23)
Speed Review not working for Intro the Sign Language (1)
Memrise website crashing (16)
Speed review is freezing after few words (3)
Keep getting logged out (7)
Pick the correct one (2)
Deleted/old answers still appearing in tests ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (103)
Trying to create my first course and getting this error (4)
Japanese 2 - 16 wrong translation into german (2)
Spanish 2 "Incorrect words" (2)
There is a discrepancy between words learned on the Android and the Web page (7)
Ambiguous questions in speed reviews (7)
Can't see more courses (4)
After lesson it hangs up and doesn't save some words (4)
Learn new words: only one at a timne (but 20 is set in my learning properties) (11)
Home page is blank (9)
Problem with `Mark Typing Strictly` and Word Separation (1)
Speed Review timer not resetting (4)
"login" button works a bit wrong (5)
Points are reappearing on the leaderboard over and over (13)
No sound using Chrome (9)
Wrong word numbers in courses, wrong number of learnt words, (3)
Lost streak after accidentally hitting "Turn Off" (8)