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Answer font size too big (2)
Answer is wrong when I got it right? (10)
New version - Speed Test -- still not there (5)
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Blank app, missing app parts (8)
Audio (1)
Available Offline problems... (1)
Trigger Notifications (2)
iOS older and new version on both iPhone and iPad crashes constantly - can’t do reviews or learn new ( 2 ) (25)
Crash when clicking on profile (6)
iPhone X layout obscures text entry box when using predictive text keyboards (4)
Cancellation & Refund consideration (1)
There are no numbers on the list (it's finally fixed) (9)
[feedback] iPad app - review number missing on courses (14)
App crashes on İOS (3)
Listening Skills repeating same words every time (1)
Nasy bug - reinstalling Memrise will not update count of words for review (3)
Mems not loading / "Help me learn this" button doesn't load content (2)
"Operation couldn't be completed" and error 303 when loading (5)
Send feedback to Memrise via iOS app is broken (3)
Help for my group (Solved) (9)
Crash after iOS update (3)
What is going on here? (4)
How long does it take for refund! (5)
Refund? (4)
Problem with learning (4)
Everything is Locked After Level 1 ( 2 3 ) (47)
Crashing when running learn with locals or listening skills, preventing progression (3)