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Too big button on 'Learn with local' that overlaps words on the screen (7)
Pro doesn't (2)
“Learn with locals” does not work in app (1)
[FEATURE REQUEST] Combined review in App (1)
Can't download any of my courses on my Android Phone ( 2 ) (31)
PRO Subscriber Without Access To Next Levels (Error Message) (1)
Pro Version - Hints are gone/down to 0 (9)
"5000 german words" can not work offline (3)
About Memrise not working (1)
Level 7 unresponsive (1)
Words are getting stuck on the Difficult Words list (7)
Can't 'Learn New Words' in Android. Padlocked (15)
Unable to review grammar? (1)
Can't find course on Android (5)
Russian 3, bug 373/374 words, cannot complete the course (3)
Dutch 1: jij / je (1)
UI annoyances (Low volume) (6)
Images not showing in my course on Android (9)
You can delete the course progress through the app (2)
Scrolling to top (or bottom) after backing out of level (3)
lag (2)
Learning new words progress -1 (6)
Sorry, there was an error loading the session! (1)
Pro user: "Sorry there was an error loading the section" (2)
Pronunciation lessons (9)
Lesson error on android app (7)
New day , new bug (5)
Synchronisation App / Website (1)
JLPT N1 Kanji 日本語総まとめ 漢字 won't work on Android (1)
Pro version doesn’t work in my Tablet (2)